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Fighting for Justice in an Unjust World

Unless you’ve been in hiding for the past ten years, you’ve likely heard about the increasing number of corporate scandals and fraud being perpetuated on our society, particularly by banks and large financial institutions. 

From the banks admitting they engaged in widespread mortgage fraud during the housing crisis to defrauding the government, to hiring people to break into homes to change the locks (not kidding, read about it in The Huffington Post here), their abuses are growing more egregious day by day. 


         Enough is enough!

As the behavior of the banks grows increasingly foul and fraudulent, it is up to we the citizens to take a stand against them, expose their corrupt practices for what they are, and fight to bring them to justice.


This website is the creation of a woman of incredible courage, who intends to do just that.

Thank you for taking a moment to visit us here at The Fight for Justice.  Come in and we’ll show you yet another example of a bank behaving in the worst possible fashion. 

We’ll share Torina’s story with you; a story of how she tried to stand up for customers who the Bank was taking advantage of, only to be repaid with a ruined career, harassment, and an ongoing ten year legal battle just to receive her due justice.

We have a full library of official documents that support our claims and document the ongoing struggle as well.


If you feel like Torina and have had ENOUGH with the way these major financial institutions and other corporations  are behaving, join her in her fight.  Let’s show her she is not alone in her support of justice. 


  How can you help The Fight for Justice?

There are numerous ways you can show your support.


1) You can sign up for future updates and stay connected.

2) You can visit The Fight For Justice store and purchase one of the Fight For Justice T-Shirts .

3) Become a support and share this project online and spread the word.

4) Check out the Library of official documents that support my claims .There you will also find the U.S. Supreme Court petitions which include excerpts of actual trial testimony and shocking evidence. You will get a glimpse into the courtroom and Torina's story.








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